Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Insipirational- Barcelona Undefeated streak over Real

Real Madrid vs Barcelona  @Santiago Bernabeu[Their home ground], First Classico of 2011. Real comes on a 15 match winning streak and Barcelona[Barca] has faced 2 draws and a defeat in the league. On their home ground, even after a first minute goal by their own Benzema, Real falls 1:3 to the Barcelona's Total FootBall.

Why is this so special and inspirational? Real Madrid is one of the premier clubs in Soccer history. With players like Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham and many special ones, they formed the Galacticos. Winning everything in their way. Then, came Barcelona's home grown players. Barcelona had good players like Rivaldo, Ronaldinho but they could never match to Real's fire power. but, now Real has not one a single game against Barcelona in last 11 meetings.

 Real can boast of the best playersthey can get in the game today, Ronaldo, kaka, Casiillas, Benzema, Hiuain and all. They thrash every other team they play. They have one of the most inspirational Managers in Jose Mourinho. But, still they cant beat Barcelona. How did it all turnaround?

Barcelona has a structure of footbal excellence. They catch the players young, they train them in their inimitable style and then these players have stayed in the Barcelona team for a loong time. The "Total Football" style, means any player can don any position and be useful. Forwards defend and defenders can press forward. They play for each other, for purity of game. Passing is superb, they wont shoot if  a team mate has a better chance and dont seem to one up each other. Qualities like patience, ability, team work, selflessness and dedication to their conviction[style of play]  have brought them greatness.

Barcelona is not infalliable, they do lose, but they still adhere to the same style of play. They mostly play fair and are graceful in defeat. Their effort for the quality of game is admirable. They lose goals because of  excessive passing but still cretae way more chances than any other team.

Real has a lot  more raw talent and it has gelled more as a team this season but still Barcelona is the team to beat. Real has huge stars, pompous and extravagent, they look a dream team on paper and they are good most times. But, the low profile, dedicated to game, nice demenoured Barcelona players are one of the most adored.

It shows in the Player of the year polls also, Real's Ronaldo is pitted against Barcelona's Messi and Xavi. The team work of MEssi, Xavi and Ineista earns them recognition almost as good asa that of the flamboyant Ronaldo.

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